Episode 36: Bryce Johnson | Founder & President UNPACKIN ‘it Ministries

Episode 36: Bryce Johnson | Founder & President UNPACKIN ‘it Ministries

By Richmond Weaver

Episode 36: Bryce Johnson | Founder & President  UNPACKIN ‘it Ministries

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Rich Take On Sports

Show Notes:

Rich Spotlight: Bryce Johnson Basketball & swimming were his first love of sports Two younger brothers and dad was an athlete and both brothers became better athletes Moved away from swimming but coached in high school and played church league basketball as his faith became a main focal point in his life in high school Realized that sports was such a great way to connect with people from different backgrounds Attended Appalachian State University and worked for the radio station on campus (WASU) Started Sports YAPP after graduating and convinced a friend to be his producer and gained airtime in Charlotte but pressures were too great to continue with that model Fox Sports 730 launched in Charlotte and was able to get airtime on with Sports YAPP Something was missing which led him to found UNPACKIN ‘it Ministries and the UNPACKIN ‘it radio show and podcast Continues to focus on reaching and connecting with people through sports and faith Words of Wisdom from Bryce Johnson: “Stay centered.  Allow yourself to get upset but don’t lose sight in where you’re going and when good things happen, allow yourself a pat on the back but don’t get lost in where you’re going.”
Weekly Words of Wisdom: “Sport is not only a form of entertainment but also – and above all, I would say – a tool to communicate values that promote the good that is in humans and help build a more peaceful fraternal society.”  Pope Francis

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