Episode 33: Dave Odom | Former Wake Forest & South Carolina Head Coach

Episode 33: Dave Odom | Former Wake Forest & South Carolina Head Coach

By Richmond Weaver

Episode 33: Dave Odom | Former Wake Forest & South Carolina Men’s Basketball Head Coach

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Show Notes:

Rich Spotlight: Dave Odom Grew up in Goldsboro, NC playing all sports Could have a been a coach in football or baseball but his first job opportunity was coaching basketball First college job came after his time working at the Five Star camp in Pennsylvania Left East Carolina as Head Coach because he missed the ACC and it was a great opportunity to work with Terry Holland at University of Virginia The Wake Forest job came about very quickly and ultimately decided to leave for the University of South Carolina because he felt it was time for a change Misses coaching but doesn’t miss the recruiting and fundraising Words of Wisdom from Dave Odom: “Don’t be in too big of a hurry, let things happen naturally. Enjoy yourself, enjoy your family and keep a good balance in life.”
Weekly Words of Wisdom: “Ability is what you’re capable of doing, Motivation determines what you do, and Attitude determines how well you do it.”  Lou Holtz

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