Episode 18: Anna Hickey | 247 Sports Clemson Team and Recruiting Reporter

Episode 18: Anna Hickey | 247 Sports Clemson Team and Recruiting Reporter

By Richmond Weaver

Episode 18: Anna Hickey | 247 Sports Clemson Team & Recruiting Reporter

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Show Notes:

Rich Spotlight: Anna Hickey Anna comes from a sports family and she remembers always going to NC State football and basketball games even early on in her childhood She really enjoyed playing soccer and gymnastics Sports was a way for her and her dad to connect and bond Her dad introduced her to recruiting message boards and premium subscription sites as a teenager Once she was able to drive, she would drive to NC State practice fields and hide behind bushes to watch camps and record notes in her notebook and then compare those notes with her dad One player, Earl Wolff stands out as he was an unknown recruit however she recognized his talent and followed him and he eventually signed with NC State and was drafted in the NFL She decided to Clemson University because she wanted to go to a football school rather than play soccer in college at a small school Interned with ESPNU while at Clemson and graduated in 3.5 years Connected with Roy Philpott and worked for free as she helped with connecting with recruits and earned more responsibilities in her senior year and thoroughly enjoyed it Anna knew at that point she wanted to be a reporter and cover recruiting Volunteered with 247 Sports after graduation and then 2 weeks later Scout contacted her with a full-time job offer covering Notre Dame football Anna moved to Indianapolis and 2 years later she was contacted by 247 Sports to cover Clemson football and it was a chance to cover her alma mater She just wants to focus on getting better at her craft and doesn’t want to focus on what’s next Words of Wisdom from Anna: “Learn from everyone but copy no one”

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