Episode 16: Ryan Hawk | The Learning Leader Show Creator and Host

Episode 16: Ryan Hawk | The Learning Leader Show Creator and Host

By Richmond Weaver

Episode 16: Ryan Hawk | The Learning Leader Show Creator and Host & Former Collegiate Quarterback

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Rich Take On Sports

Show Notes:

Rich Spotlight: Ryan Hawk Ryan and his 2 brothers started playing at an early age they loved the competition He played all of the sports and didn’t just love one sport Loved the responsibility of playing Quarterback and the leadership role of the QB His brothers were everything for him in terms of his athletic development and competitive edge The importance of playing and trying to beat somebody else is I think healthy for kids to go through Ryan chose Miami coming out of high school because he really loved their coaches, loved the campus, loved the academics and loved the chance they would give him to play in the NFL as a quarterback based on what they were going to do all offensively Very difficult decision for Ryan to transfer to Ohio University because it was tough for him to fully understand that sometimes there are individuals that are just better such as his competition at Miami University with Ben Roethlisberger Got pulled back into football with the Birmingham Steeldogs of the Arena 2 Football league but didn’t know for sure if he should be there Ryan was committed at the time with football and did spend time in the CFL but realized at one point that it was time to move on Struggled with dealing with the fact that he wasn’t going to be a part of his collegiate team and that he wasn’t going to be a football player anymore Sales career helped him make the transition away from being a football player Your passion can follow you and quotes Mark Cuban, “if you go and do something and find out that you can develop some skill and you become pretty good at it, you’ll notice that you can become pretty passionate about it” Ryan became ritualized in calendaring and prospecting and he noticed that he became pretty good through repetition which was very similar to my football career Had dinner with Todd Wagner, Mark Cuban’s business manager and was fascinated by what he said and regretted that he didn’t record the conversation His experience of interviewing and studying the art of interviewing helped lead him to start The Learning Leader Show podcast and the coolest thing that he’s ever done He’s always on the path to learning more and knows that he’s only going to get better Greatest medicine for fear of participation is preparation and practicing is the most important thing he does Great leaders have humility, are serving and caring and they are also very curious about the world and incredible work ethics with routines Sports created the foundation for Ryan’s work ethic and preparation for everything he does and he can’t fathom what would have happened without playing sports Words of Wisdom from Ryan: “Don’t get too high or too low based on the words of other people.”

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