Episode 15: Takeo Spikes | Former All-Pro NFL Linebacker & Author of Behind The Mask

Episode 15: Takeo Spikes | Former All-Pro NFL Linebacker & Author of Behind The Mask

By Richmond Weaver

Episode 15: Takeo Spikes | Former All-Pro 15-Year NFL Linebacker & Behind The Mask Author

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Show Notes:

Rich Spotlight: Takeo Spikes Writing the book was harder than playing 15 years in NFL because of writer’s block Inspired to write the book “Behind The Mask” after tearing his Achilles Tendon in 2006 and wanted to share stories of linebackers before him People in the book all had common themes of commitment, sacrifice and were outliers Trying to compete with his brothers motivated him at an early age and not being selected for neighbor games also motivated him to proof people wrong Loved basketball growing up but football allowed him to hit people without getting into trouble Track became an important sport for him because it allowed him to surprise people because many people were surprised he could run so fast Fear of coming in last is what motivated him to succeed Chose Auburn University Named MVP of SEC Championship after losing to Peyton Manning and the Tennessee Volunteers 30-29 in 1997 Decided to enter NFL draft after his Junior season Played 15 years in the NFL and was named Team Captain 13 of those 15 years Doesn’t regret leaving Cincinnati and like time in Buffalo because that city loved their football like a local high school team Doesn’t dwell on the fact that he never played in an NFL Playoff game after playing in over 200 games Brett Favre is the toughest QB he’s ever played against and an interception is better than a sack Words of Wisdom from Takeo: “If you are what you have and what you have gets taken away then who are you.”

Weekly Words of Wisdom: “When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when it’s convenient; when you’re committed to something you accept no excuses, only results “

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