Episode 14: Todd Jones | Detroit Tigers All-Time Saves Leader & Former AL All-Star

Episode 14: Todd Jones | Detroit Tigers All-Time Saves Leader & Former AL All-Star

By Richmond Weaver

Episode 14: Todd Jones | Detroit Tigers All-Time Saves Leader & American League All-Star

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Show Notes:

Rich Spotlight: Todd Jones First memories of sports was playing little league baseball Realized in College, Sophomore, and Junior year that he might be able to have a career playing baseball Played basketball and baseball growing up Involved in some AAU baseball teams nothing like it is today Feels bad for athletes today because they don’t get to experience the seasons of other sports Had dreams of being a pitcher like other kids but never thought it would be a reality and thankful to have a uniform Chose Jacksonville St. University in Jacksonville, AL because his academics would be helped there more Regrets not going back to get his college degree Was a starting pitcher in college and in the Minors but couldn’t maintain level of pitching due to pitch limit Sometimes playing is not about your ability but your availability First game in Majors was July 7, 1993 with the Houston Astros Was player rep for Astros in 1994 during MLB strike Traded to Detroit Tigers after Billy Wagner became Astros top closer Having best year in career in 2000 and was excited to make AL All-Star team but would have been upset if not selected Remembers facing Barry Bonds for the first time and thinking it was cool that Barry had to focus on him for the next 30 seconds Magical mystery tour starting in 2001 and had his toughest season in 2003 in Colorado His Faith helped him during those tough times in his career and his wife was great support Would have rather played in the World Series and lost rather than not have played in World Series Sports revealed that he does have a lot of fight in him Words of Wisdom: “God is the only thing that matters because he’s over and above everything”

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