Episode 13: Connor Shaw | NFL and Former South Carolina QB

Episode 13: Connor Shaw | NFL and Former South Carolina QB

By Richmond Weaver

Episode 13: Connor Shaw | NFL and Former South Carolina QB

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Show Notes:

Rich Spotlight: Connor Shaw Was recently released by the Chicago Bears only to receive a Facetime call from the Bears Offensive Coordinator driving back to Greenville, SC that Mark Sanchez was hurt and he needed to return to the Bears Had an advantage by having his dad as a football coach Basketball was actually his favorite sport growing up in Georgia Was Florida Gator fan as he always felt he wanted to be different Looked up to Brett Favre and Drew Brees Once in a lifetime opportunity to play for his dad in high school Best memories was watching film with his dad after Friday night games His dad and Steve Spurrier are very similar Dad offered advice to leave high school early and enroll at University of South Carolina and it was difficult for him to be there instead of being in high school No regrets for leaving high school early Feels that everyone needs to have a “Why” Connor would have debates with Coach Steve Spurrier but having success with him is something that he will cherish forever Was definitely nervous in some games but not scared Loved playing in front of the crowd for the University of South Carolina Playing with a chip on your shoulder is somewhat exhausted Josh McCown has helped him tremendously Injuries can affect your confidence but he doesn’t want to be a product of circumstances Words of Wisdom: “Never get ahead of yourself & stay in concrete in the moment”

Weekly Words of Wisdom: “Success isn’t something that just happens, success is learned, success is practiced and then it is shared.” – Sparky Anderson, Hall of Fame MLB Manager

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