Episode 12: Brendan Haywood | 14 Year NBA Veteran and TV Analyst

Episode 12: Brendan Haywood | 14 Year NBA Veteran and TV Analyst

By Richmond Weaver

Episode 12: Brendan Haywood | 14 Year NBA Veteran, NBA Champion, & Analyst

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Show Notes:

Rich Spotlight: Brendan Haywood Grew up in Greensboro, NC in a single parent family with his mom Mom wanted him to have a father figure in his life so she pushed him to play basketball Was cut from the basketball team in 8th and 9th grade however Coach David Price convinced him to stay on the team because of his size Brendan matured into his size and became the most highly recruited basketball player in his school’s history at Dudley High School Recruited by legendary Head Coach Dean Smith and decided to attend North Carolina after Roy Williams at Kansas offered another big man instead of Brendan Drafted by Cleveland Cavaliers in First Round of 2001 NBA Draft but ultimately was traded to the Washington Wizards and played there until the 2010 season Traded to the Dallas Mavericks in 2010 and became an NBA Champion after Dallas upset Lebron James and the Miami Heat Eventually retired after 14 seasons in the NBA in 2015 due to foot injuries Had already been working on a broadcasting career before retiring and now is a radio host and TV analyst for CBS, ESPN, and NBA TV Words of Wisdom: Find something that you really like, work towards that goal, and have a plan to get there

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