Episode 11: Dan Everett | Founder of Everett Sports Marketing

Episode 11: Dan Everett | Founder of Everett Sports Marketing

By Richmond Weaver

Episode 11: Dan Everett, Founder of Everett Sports Marketing

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Rich Take On Sports

Show Notes:

Rich Spotlight: Dan Everett Grew up on a chicken farm in SW Georgia Loved sports at an early age and baseball was his passion Eventually fell in love with college football and was transient student at the University of Georgia Career aspirations of being an Optometrist Chance meeting with UGA Running Back Danny Ware led to starting Sic’Um Signatures in 2007 The genesis of the ESM camps began shortly after in 2008 and 3rd party marketing opportunities began to grow Really started representing more of the players no one else wanted to represent anymore Players took a leap of faith by coming to ESM Turning point for ESM was the year ESM represented both Aaron Murray and Connor Shaw ESM focuses on maximizing marketing opportunities where other agencies do not Decision was then made to only focus on football representation, golf representation, and youth football camps Market activation is the beginning of an endorsement Jonathan Allen is one of the most interesting clients they’ve ever represented ESM focuses on positioning clients with brands that are a natural fit for their personality ESM Youth Football Camps focus on football as well as role modeling and leadership Words of Wisdom involve two keywords: Proactive and Accountability
Rich Headlines NBA Draft is another sign of the youth movement in the NBA with 16 Freshman selected in the First Round LA Clippers traded Chris Paul to the Houston Rockets for 7 players and a future draft pick James Dolan, owner of the NY Knicks parted ways with Phil Jackson signaling the end of the Phil Jackson era in the NBA
Weekly Words Of Wisdom Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those whose hustle.  Abraham Lincoln
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