Philip Fraser

Philip Fraser

By Unresolved Productions

While driving from Alaska to Washington, a young man would meet a tragic and horrifying end.

On June 14th, 1988, 23-year old Philip Fraser set out from his family's home in Anchorage, Alaska. He was headed to Olympia, Washington - where he was set to enroll in college (pre-med) and start the next chapter of his life.

However, just five days later - on June 19th, 1988 - Philip's vehicle would be found burning in Prince George, British Columbia. Philip and his belongings were nowhere to be found, and over the next several months, investigators would piece together his final days...

Written, hosted, and produced by Micheal Whelan

Additional research and writing by Damion Moore (make sure to check out Damion's website, American Crime Journal, by heading to

Producers: Ben Krokum, Katherine Vatalaro, Laura Hannan, Quil Carter, Scott Meesey, Steven Wilson, and Timothy Stratton

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Rest You Sleeping Giant - "Disconnect"

Chris Zabriskie - "Oxygen Garden"

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ROZKOL - "Hell Slime"

Rest You Sleeping Giant - "What Fades"

ROZKOL - "No Downside"

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How the Night Came - "I - HN03"

Other music created and composed by Ailsa Traves and Monty Buckles

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