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309 Best Of The Year 2018 Pt.1 "Poodcast"

309 Best Of The Year 2018 Pt.1 "Poodcast"

By Marcus Bronzy

This week Marcus Bronzy and Producer Bill Kill Time talking about the one question that was the gift that kept on giving ‘Do you stand up or sit down to wipe?' It certainly gave us some interesting responses!

Check out the shows discussed in this podcast below:

270: Wiping Standing Up271: Ready Player One274: Remel London278: Squatty Potty w/WiDEAWAKE287: Hairy Bear Ortis291: Aurie Styla293: “FU and Your fake Black Mum!” Ft Dane Baptiste295: “Huge Euge” Eugene Collins300: Scroobius Pip305: Kae Kurd308: Matt Richardson

(Photo by Filios Sazeides on Unsplash)

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