114: How to Undo Your Limiting Beliefs

Kwik Brain with Jim Kwik

By Jim Kwik, Your Brain Coach, Founder www.KwikLearning.com

114: How to Undo Your Limiting Beliefs

Thursday, 2 May

How do you overcome and change limiting beliefs?

All behavior is belief driven. You can’t remember someone’s name if you believe you have a horrible memory. You can’t be a great reader or leader if you believe you are not. Or change procrastination if you believe you procrastinate.

So how do you deal with the more deeper invisible level of beliefs?

In today’s episode, I have my longtime dear friend, Shelly Lefkoe, with us to discover how we can change the deep underlying beliefs about ourselves.

Shelly Lefkoe is co-founder and President of the Lefkoe Institute, and the founder and Parenting the Lefkoeway. She has personally worked with thousands of individuals from around the world. Using The Lefkoe Method, she has helped these people eliminate issues as serious as eating disorders, phobias and depression as well as everyday problems like procrastination, shyness, fear of public speaking and the inability to form healthy relationships. 

Tune in as we go over, what beliefs are and how we can tap into them to make long-lasting changes.

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