Always Free Episode 9

Always Free Episode 9

By Jason Graystone

This week I catch up with a very special guest Daniel Priestley who is the Co-Founder of Dent Global.

Wealth and financial independence has much to do with having the courage to go against the grain, have courage and play the game of life true to your values.

Daniel started his first business at 21 years old and took it from $0 - $1m dollars in the first 12 months. He then took the business from $1m - $10m in the following year!

Since then, he has worked with literally thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs to support them and help them grow.

If anyone has valuable insights int o what it takes to earn more, have more fun and make a bigger difference in life, it's this guy.

Dan has been a mentor and friend of mine and over the years, his advice has been life changing for my own businesses.


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