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6. Happy Fat with Sofie Hagen

6. Happy Fat with Sofie Hagen

By Helen Thorn

In this episode, Helen is joined by Sofie Hagen to talk about her new book Happy Fat: Taking Up Space in a World that Wants to Shrink You (out now!) Among many other wonderful things, Sofie talks about the original Fat Activists who campaigned for, well, their basic human rights, explains how to be a good friend to a fat person and treats us to a saucy story about a semi-famous Danish musician…

Sofie Hagen is a comedian, writer, podcaster and fat activist. You can find her podcasts at Made of Human and Secret Dinosaur Cult. THEY. ARE. GREAT. You can follow Sofie @SofieHagen on Twitter and @sofiehagendk on Instagram. Find her tour dates and sign up for her newsletter at

In the podcast, Sofie also recommends the following people:

Megan Crabbe who you can find @BodyPosiPanda.

Substantia Jones who you can find @adipositivity.

Fat Lot of Good is presented by Helen Thorn and produced by Maddie Hickish. The theme tune was composed by John Thorn with jingles by Simon Toner. 

Helen is on instagram @helenwearsasize18 and Twitter @helen_thorn. 

You can find Maddie @maddiehickish on both instagram and twitter. 

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