#  104 - High Life / Detective Pikachu / Trouble Every Day

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By Little White Lies

# 104 - High Life / Detective Pikachu / Trouble Every Day

Thursday, 9 May

On this bumper edition of Truth & Movies, Michael Leader, Hannah Woodhead and Adam Woodward venture to the outer reaches of the galaxy for Claire Denis’ awe-inspiring sci-fi opus High Life, starring Robert Pattinson and Juliette Binoche. We also hear from the director herself, who discusses meeting the cast for the first time. Then it’s back down to earth with a thud, as Detective Pikachu puts a surprising twist on the Pokémon franchise, with Ryan Reynolds voicing the titular diminutive private eye. Returning to the world of Claire Denis, we revisit the French luminary’s esoteric art-house horror from 2001, Trouble Every Day, for Film Club, before Adrienne Groen joins us to talk about her work curating an expansive new Stanley Kubrick exhibition currently running at the London Design Museum.

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