How Many Men Were in a Roman Army? with Dan Snow, Why do Cats Purr? Why do Stars Shine in the Sky? With the Science Museum.

Everything Under The Sun

By Molly Oldfield

How Many Men Were in a Roman Army? with Dan Snow, Why do Cats Purr? Why do Stars Shine in the Sky? With the Science Museum.

Friday, 10 May

We have our first history question this week! Answered by top historian, Dan Snow. It comes from Ethan who would like to know how many men were in a Roman army? Dan Snow tells us the answer, which is more complicated than you’d think!


Dan tells us about some different battles and how many men took part. Discover how local men were recruited and how many more men there were than in the Roman army today.


Our next question is about cats! And it comes from Alice, she would like to know why cats purr? We all know cats purr when they’re content but how about other reasons? You’ll find out all the ways cats communicate and how listening to cats purr can be great for humans, as well as for the overall health of cats.  


Next up is Faye who lives in Switzerland, she asks us in France and English why stars shine in the sky? To help answer the question we have Doug from the Science Museum in London. You’ll also find out why stars twinkle and how come they don’t twinkle if you see them from outer space.


A huge thank you Dan Snow and Doug at the Science Museum for telling us about Roman armies and stars! Huge thanks also to Ethan, Faye and Alice and for this week’s questions! 


I’ll be back next week answering more questions from children around the world in another episode of Everything Under The Sun.

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