S2 E2: How sleep and green space can help your mental health

S2 E2: How sleep and green space can help your mental health

By Mental Health Foundation

Bethan speaks to Julie Dunn, a research scientist at the University of Liverpool, about her ‘Sleep Well’ garden. She designed this for the RHS Flower Show while she was on sick leave recovering from surgery. The garden was inspired by the importance of sleep, looking after your well-being, and green space for sustaining good mental health. 

Antonis Kousoulis, Associate Director of Research and Development and Linda Liao, Digital Manager at The Mental Health Foundation have a discussion with Bethan later in the podcast about tips for getting good sleep and how to incorporate green space into your routine to help look after your mental health. 

What is the Mental Health Foundation Podcast? This is the Mental Health Foundation podcast. A series which brings to you a range of mental health topics, real life stories, expert comments, and mental health tips.

Bethan Buswell is your producer and host. She has her own lived experience of mental health problems and with this podcast she and the Mental Health Foundation want to raise awareness, get people talking and provide support and hope.

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Podcast host: 
Bethan Buswell - Digital Engagement Officer, Mental Health Foundation 
Podcast editor: Tim Butcher - https://www.timbutcher.co.uk/
Main feature guest: Julie Dunn: https://juliedunntattonshowgarden.wordpress.com/ https://truggardendesign.co.uk/ 
Review panel: Linda Liao - Digital Manager, Mental Health Foundation 
Antonis Kousoulis - Associate Director of Research and Development, Mental Health Foundation https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/about-us/people/antonis-kousoulis 

Podcast notes: 
Main feature: Dr Chaterjee talks to BBC Breakfast about what Lifestyle Medicine is and training doctors: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlTTJTY4NMU 
The 4 Pillar Plan: How to Relax, Eat, Move, Sleep your way to a Longer, Healthier Life: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/35457841-the-4-pillar-plan 
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Website: mentalhealth.org.uk
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