059: Writing for Designers with Scott Kubie

User Defenders – UX Design & Personal Growth

By Jason Ogle

059: Writing for Designers with Scott Kubie

Monday, 13 May

Scott Kubie shows us how writing is designing with words. He reminds us that someone has to be the writer, and it’s our job to know who that person is. He calls on us to take up the task of writing when nobody else can, and warns of what leaving it till the end will do. He also shares some neat tricks to spur momentum and overcome those intimidating blank pages.

Why Do We Forget About Writing? (6:30) What's Wrong with Lorem Ipsum? (9:36) Present the Problem Before the Visuals (12:57) Are Designers Expected to Be Writers? (15:55) The Rough-In Process (20:08) Getting Approval Through Stakeholder Participation (24:11) Putting It All Together (30:12) IKEA Instructions with Words (37:43) Edit Yourself Later (41:49) How to Level Up (47:10)

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