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Monday, 27 May

Note: this is a rerun of a previous episode.

Traveling to Taiwan with her mom, Kathy imagines the life she might have lived had her family stayed.

Kathy's mom previously appeared on Nancy in the episodes "Hello hello" and "Kathy's Mom is Uncomfortable With All This".

Kathy Tu, center, in Taiwan with her grandfather, left, and mother, right. (Kathy Tu) 

— Guo Mama is a volunteer at the Taiwan Tongzhi Hotline Association in Taipei.

— Li Te-Yun (Nan Gua) is a singer-songwriter in Taiwan. She performed acoustic versions of two songs for Kathy:

Heineken Love Song (海尼根情歌)

Story of the Stone (石頭記)

Special thanks to Andrew Ryan, a host and producer with Radio Taiwan International.

Kathy Tu and Andrew Ryan reporting in Taiwan. (Kathy Tu)

Music in this episode by Jeremy Bloom, Art of Escapism ("Done with Disco"), Uncan ("Unbroken"), and Little Glass Men ("Cloud Launching"). Theme by Alexander Overington.

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