061: Empathy as a Design Superpower with Jason Ogle

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By Jason Ogle

061: Empathy as a Design Superpower with Jason Ogle

Monday, 10 June

Jason Ogle proves that empathic design is not only possible, but essential in creating life-changing products and services. He enlightens us to our seldom talked about mirror neurons and the critical role they play in user testing. He shines a spotlight on incredibly powerful and moving examples of empathy in design. He also teaches us how empathy can not only be taught and learned, but practiced, because being great designer begins and ends with being a great human.

Intro Story (00:24) What is Empathy? (5:04) Mirror Neurons (9:14) Still Face Experiment (11:17) Mirror Neurons and Movies (15:59) Inspiring Examples from IDEO (19:19) Doug Dietz's Empathy for Terminally Ill Children (23:35) Margaret Hamilton's Empathy for Apollo 11 (29:44) Can We Grow in Empathy? (34:07) Seth Godin Explaining Empathy (35:21) Put Your Oxygen Mask on First (36:10) Seth Godin on Faked Empathy (39:19) Seth Godin on Being Indispensable in an AI World (40:57) Empathy & Mindfulness (43:23) Rise to the Empathy Challenge (45:55)

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