Taking Your Dog’s Xanax with Connie Britton

Taking Your Dog’s Xanax with Connie Britton

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Chelsea is joined live in Dallas by Connie Britton where they have a hilarious conversation about their friendship, drugs, Connie’s TV Husbands and Chelsea’s trip abroad with her dog, Chunk.


Host: Chelsea Handler

Guests: Dr. Dan Siegel & Brandon Marlo

Executive Producer: Conal Byrne

Producers: Sophie Lichterman, Jack O’Brien

Writers: Jamie Loftus, Anna Hossnieh & Sophie Lichterman 

Consulting Producers: Nick Stumpf, Miles Gray, & Anna Hossnieh

This episode was Engineered, Mixed & Edited by: Danl Goodman

Music by: Kingsbury

Order: "Life Will Be the Death of Me"

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