Brittany Phillips

Brittany Phillips

By Unresolved Productions

In the summer of 2004, an 18-year-old moved back to Tulsa, Oklahoma. She had actually grown up in Tulsa and gone to high school there, but had moved away the year prior to attend college.

Having become homesick, the following Spring she made the decision to move back to Oklahoma and attend school there, in order to be closer to her friends and family. It was a decision that her friends and family welcomed at the time, as it meant that she would be a constant presence in their lives once again.

Unfortunately, it was this decision - to move back home - which put this young woman in the sights of a killer. Close to fifteen years after her violent death, her loved ones - primarily her mother - continue to fight for justice, as her killer has never been identified, and her case remains as unsolved today as it was back in the Fall of 2004...

Written, hosted, and produced by Micheal Whelan

Special thanks to Dr. Maggie Zingman (Brittany's mother) for speaking to me, and an additional thank you to Lindsay Schraad for getting us in-touch. Learn more about Lindsay's projects and writing at her website, The Chrysalis Chapters, by heading to

Producers: Maggyjames, Ben Krokum, Roberta Janson, Quil Carter, Peggy Belarde, Matthew Brock, Laura Hannan, Astrid Kneier, Evan White, Katherine Vatalaro, Damion Moore, Amy Hampton Miller, Timothy Stratton, Scott Meesey, Steven Wilson, Sara Willemsen, Scott Patzold, Kathy Marie, and Marie Vanglund

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