A Gay and a Non Gay douche to say LGBT+ rights

A Gay and a Non Gay douche to say LGBT+ rights

By QueerAF

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Monday, 1 April

A Gay and Non Gay discuss douching (to help LGBT+ rights)

James Barr and Dan Hudson host the hit UK LGBT+ podcast A Gay and a Non Gay, which began out of terrible conversation about pub etiquette.

But their friendship really grew when their worlds collided, as Talia, Dan’s girlfriend and James’s friend, left for the USA; Leaving James and Dan to fend for themselves with just one task, to make a podcast.

But when we say their worlds collided, we're not talking about the dynamic duo life making a podcast in their girlfriend’s absence. We're talking about the queer and straight world meeting head on. So on this week’s #QueerAF we ask: do we need straight allies to get the queer equality we both crave and demand?

Plus we see what happens when hetero and homo crash together in a beautiful melee of rainbows, pints and douching.

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