This episode has the sex education you wish you had at school

This episode has the sex education you wish you had at school

By QueerAF

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Monday, 11 February

The sex education you not only want – but deserve. With support from Penguin Books, we speak to Author of 'Jack of Hearts and Other Parts' Lev Rosen.

This episode is NSFW, but it shouldn't be. Because the anal sex advice from Jack of Hearts we've got in the show is something all queers deserve. Indeed what anyone who wants to have good anal sex should be taught. This week we talk about how to have a good time, how often you should be having sex and we'll empower you to take control of your sex life, and draw important lines on consent.

This week’s #QueerAF was supported by Penguin Books. Get Jack of Hearts and other parts in all good book stores, also available as an ebook and you heard clips from the audiobook in todays show as read by Drew Caden.

The show was presented and produced by @Jamie_Wareham.

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