This is what being #BeyondTheBinary is like

This is what being #BeyondTheBinary is like

By QueerAF

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Monday, 5 February

Barely a week to go to National Student Pride, and Pippa's story explains how she went from identifying as a lesbian – to realizing she was a queer, non-binary demi girl. She now wants to be the role model, she always wished she had. Her coming out is inspiring, and you have to hear how it ends.

Big thanks this week to Gendered Intelligence, the trans youth charity for speaking to us too. Find help and support from them here:

Today's show is unashamedly inspired by My Genderation's #ThisIsWhatNonBinaryLooksLike campaign. We're teamed up with them for our #BeyondTheBinary panel at National Student Pride this year.

With thanks to this week's production from Radio graduate Cassie Galpin. You can contact her here:

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