S1 Ep12: We Have An Announcement!

S1 Ep12: We Have An Announcement!

By Qmmunity

We're recording Season Two of Qmmunity now - and you can come along and join us as we record three panel shows in front of a live audience, meaning you can join us and take part in the conversation.

Let's Talk About Sex - 23rd of June
Let's talk about you, and me, and us, and how we fight the stigma surrounding sex shame, slut shame...and most importantly...how we can all lead better sex lives. Our panellists include... Dr. Karen Gurney, AKA "The Sex Doctor" Kayden Gray, award winning adult entertainer & sexual wellbeing advocate Phoebus Ebbini, sexual psychotherapist and host of This Ripe Fruit podcast. Yasmin Benoit, alternative model and asexuality campaigner  TICKETS HERE 

LGBTQ Politics - Queer Question Time - 14th of July
Politicis is a mess right now, right? Brexit has dominated headlines and the political agenda for years now...but what about us queers? Which of the political parties has something to offer us, why should we vote for them, have they got reasons to back up party rhetoric? Who should we be voting for? Join us as we chair a panel discussion between LGBTQ representatives from four British political parties. It's gonna be interesting! Our panellists include representatives from...(presented alphebeticaly...cos you know...avoidance of political bias) LGBT+ Conservatives (Colm Howard-Lloyd) LGBTIQA+ Greens (Benali Hamdache) LGBT+ Labour (Melantha Chittenden) LGBT+ Lib Dems (Adrian Trett) TICKETS HERE

Bodies - 28th of July There's a lot of scrutiny of our bodies, isn't there? What shape we are, what size we are, what we do with them, how they look and how they feel. Statistics show that LGBTQ+ people are at higher rates of steroid abuse, eating disorders, and body dysmorphia - so how do we break the stigma and be real, in a #instagay world? How do we learn to love the skin we're in? Our panellists include the wonderful Munroe Bergdof - trans model and activist Travis Alabanza - performance artist, poet and writer TICKETS HERE

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