Why are Reptiles so Shy? How do some Lizards walk on Water? What are your Toes for?

Everything Under The Sun

By Molly Oldfield

Why are Reptiles so Shy? How do some Lizards walk on Water? What are your Toes for?

Friday, 21 June

Reptiles! Lizards that walk on Water! Toes! Join us today to listen to the answers to three questions, from Ralph, Lila and Julia. They would like to know why reptiles are so shy, how some lizards walk on water and what our toes are for! 

To answer Ralph’s question we have Paolo Viscardi, who is a curator in the National Museum of Ireland, he works in zoology so knows all about reptiles! I met him when I was writing my first book, The Secret Museum and he showed me all the things hidden behind the scenes at the Horniman museum where he used to work. He has lots of great ideas about why reptiles are shy creatures, it includes they have to be careful not to be eaten and that they don’t spend much time with a family so aren’t used to being around others. 

Our next question is about reptiles too, one particular reptile that can walk on water! Find out all about the Basalisk lizard also known as the Jesus lizard and how it can run across water. 

Thirdly, find out how our toes help us to walk and why we have five of them! We’ll chat about how sprinters often have longer toes than non-sprinters, while short toes are good for long-distance running and walking. As well as what we call animals that walk on their toes and what we call creatures that walk on their whole feet. 

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A huge thank you to Paolo Viscardi for talking to us about reptiles and of course a big thank you to Ralph, Julia and Lila for this week’s questions!  

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