062: UX School of No B.S. with Joe Natoli

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By Jason Ogle

062: UX School of No B.S. with Joe Natoli

Monday, 24 June

Welcome to Joe Natoli’s UX School of No B.S. Class is now in session. Joe reveals that there’s no limit to how far any UX’er with a healthy dose of grit and resilience can go. He puts jargon in a choke-hold, then proceeds to drop-kick it in the privates! He inspires us to be like Tom Hanks in “Big”...never afraid to ask questions for the betterment of the people and project. He motivates us to apply for any job we truly want, especially when we feel unqualified for it. He also teaches us how leaving a legacy should never start with one foot in the grave, it starts right here...right now!

What Do You Like to Do When You’re Not Working? (7:42) What Inspired You to Pursue a Career in This Field? (10:34) How Do You Get an Entry Level Job That Requires 3-5 Years of Experience? (34:28) What Is It About Jargon That Drives You Nuts? (47:31) One Definition of What UX Is (1:01:15) What Value Do Older UXers Bring to the Table? (1:08:16) UX Advice for Juniors in the Field (1:13:15) The One Thing You Wish You Knew When You Started (1:17:32) If You Had One Word for Folks Trying to Get into UX, What Would That Be? (1:20:16)


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