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Episode 154: Food Special with Hungermama

Episode 154: Food Special with Hungermama

By Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn

Our guest for this episode is the brilliant Bethie Hungerford, otherwise known as Hungermama! She tells us how she went from being raised in the States on pizzas and burgers to living in London and writing a cookbook. And guess what - her kids ACTUALLY EAT VEGETABLES. We find out her secret. 

Bethie tells us all about her hungerpot recipes - "the laziest possible way you can make a homemade meal." We also learn her favourite way to cook Christmas turkey, and chat about everything from calamari to pigs anuses, and whether they're the same thing. 

Then it's time for a game, Would You Put That In Your Mouth?, followed by some food-related Scummy Mummy Confessions. 

For more from Bethie, visit or follow her on Instagram @hungermama. Her podcast, Friends With Recipes, is available in all the usual places, and there's also a @friendswithrecipes Instagram account. Bethie's hungerpots book is out in spring 2020. 

This episode of the podcast is sponsored by Honest Organic Kids. Their 100% organic juice drinks are certified by the Soil Association, and contain no added sugar or sweeteners - just fruit juice and water. You can find out more by following them on Instagram @honestorganic

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