Episode #11 - "Throw Ya Piece Up"

Million Dollaz Worth Of Game

By Barstool Sports

Episode #11 - "Throw Ya Piece Up"

On today’s Episode Gillie experiments with “Red Rangers” to “enhance his piece”. 

Wallo is hospitalized after a sexual encounter and explains the Audio-porn craze in prison known as The Party Tapes (7:34). Also, Gill, Wallo & Dev answer 1 of life’s most important questions: Is it okay to send Dictures (14:15)? 

Other Topics Include:

Personal Paulie (26:39)

Million Dollars Worth of Game (29:58)

Alpha Males (35:58)

Is it cool to check your partner’s phone? (37:55)

Vanity Fair Dev (44:45)

Song Of The Week:

ROCKY “Ride”

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