S2 E21 - Lick The Palms Of Your Feet (with Krept)

S2 E21 - Lick The Palms Of Your Feet (with Krept)


Love Island: The Morning After

Thursday, 27 June

Love Island: The ______ After is the world's greatest podcast. Can anyone fill in the blank?

Krept is in the studio with Kem and Arielle this morning to dissect all the deets from last night's episode.

The notorious tweets challenge did not disappoint and it got our Islanders majorly pranging out. Could this spell trouble for some of the couples in the villa? Kem, Arielle and Krept test their villa knowledge by playing our own round of the challenge. As Michael said... cheers to whipped guys and money grabbers!

In the meantime, Amy's planning the #Curmy wedding, Tom's back in the dog house and some of the Islanders are getting close to the DANGER ZONE.

And was that a little Casa Amor teaser in the ad break?! Things are about to GO DOWN.

Remember, if you don't want to be Captain Friendzone like Anton - you can join The Morning After Crush Club by emailing themorningafter@itv.com, and we can ask your crush out for you right here on the podcast.

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