Episode 100 - Gilberto Valle: Cannibal Cop


By True Crime with Suruthi & Hannah

Episode 100 - Gilberto Valle: Cannibal Cop

Thursday, 27 June

In 2012 Kathleen Valle started to become suspicious of her New York City police officer husband Gilberto. 

He was spending all of his time on the computer, and Kathleen, who had just had their baby was afraid he was being unfaithful. 

When she finally broke and checked his online activity - what she found was far more horrifying than anything she had imagined.

Gilberto Valle had been on cannibal fetish forums talking to strangers about how he wanted to abduct, rape, torture, kill and eat women - including Kathleen.

In the trial, and the media frenzy, that followed - the question became; when does a thought become a crime?

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