Everything in the Multiverse! What was before The Big Bang? How long has the Storm on Jupiter been raging for? What Noise does a Capybara make?

Everything Under The Sun

By Molly Oldfield

Everything in the Multiverse! What was before The Big Bang? How long has the Storm on Jupiter been raging for? What Noise does a Capybara make?

Friday, 28 June

Everything in the Multiverse! This week is episode 31 of Everything Under The Sun and we’re answering questions from Charlie, Menashe and Ray about The Big Bang, the storm on Jupiter and all the funny noises a capybara makes! They're a giant rodent that looks like a huge guinea pig that lives in South America.  

To answer Charlie’s question we have Professor Jim Al-Khalili who knows everything about physics and science - he teaches at a university and writes books, makes TV shows and radio programmes and he knows all about the universe including how it began with the Big Bang! He has some mind-blowing things to tell us about how there were lots of Big Bangs, and the real question is what happened before the multiverse?!

Next we bring the focus in a bit to Jupiter and the huge storm on it called The Great Red Spot. You'll find out how long it takes a hurricane to turn on Jupiter, how fast the wind is going, how it has raged for many hundreds of years ago and how it might be coming to an end! 

Crashing back down to earth for our third question! It’s about capybaras and the noises they make and comes from Ray! For anyone who doesn;’t know a capybara is a mammal that loves the water found all over South America, except for Chile. They live in forests near water, and along rivers in the rainforests. They’re the largest rodents in the world! Capybaras are very sociable creatures and make lots of noises which you’ll hear on today’s podcast!

A huge thank you to Professor Jim Al-Khalili for talking to us about The Big Bang and of course a big thank you to Charlie, Menashe and Ray for this week’s questions! 

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