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COMING UP in Ep 11 of AIBU? Podcast ...

COMING UP in Ep 11 of AIBU? Podcast ...

By Mumsnet

In this amuse-bouche, find out what will be happening in the next episode of the AIBU? podcast. The highlights include:

Lucy and Aasmah delve into the world's busiest forum to find out which words set the users teeth on edge. Turns out, not a lot of love for 'gusset'. Who knew?

This week's guest star from hit podcast Drunk Women Solving Crime, Taylor Glenn, shares her school sports day woes.

We also get to hear about times social embarrassment has edged people into the most ridiculous of situations. *gets popcorn out* Plus, our hosts find out which era listeners wish they'd been born into.    

Listen to the full episode a week today.

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