Episode #12 - "Bun Burglar"

Million Dollaz Worth Of Game

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Episode #12 - "Bun Burglar"

On today’s episode Gillie discusses his love scene experiences in what Wallo refers to as Z-list acting roles (2:30).

Danger With Dev: The show’s producer becomes an emotional monster willing to risk it all when he discovers that he is the third wheel in a love triangle (7:00).

What cancels out trust in a relationship? (10:00)

Reparations (11:50)

Guns vs Men (16:02)

Stories from a Cell: In case of Emergency. Wallo speaks on 1 of his very first eye opening experiences entering his 20 year bid (20:12).

Who would you be? (27:24)

Million Dollaz Worth Of Game: Unhappy Household (31:41)

Boredom in the Bedroom (37:30)

Judging O.J.: The fellas give their take on The Juice’s entry to the social media world (47:01).

Cat Burglar Scenarios (50:55)

Song of the Week:
Sim Santana “Flexin’”

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