S2 E26 - Stick Or Twist? (with Tom and Arabella)

S2 E26 - Stick Or Twist? (with Tom and Arabella)


Love Island: The Morning After

Wednesday, 3 July

Sorry, can't talk right now - too busy lying in a dark room, listening to whale music with a damp flannel over our eyes to recover from last night's episode!

We need some serious emotional support after that - so Kem and Arielle are joined by Tom and Arabella to go over all the action with a fine-toothed comb.

The villas have been reunited and Casa Amor is no more. That intense recoupling had us clutching our pillows and brought a little tear to the eye...

If you can bear to watch tonight - it looks like we're going to see Amber and Michael reach boiling point and Amy confronting Curtis about what really went down when she was away.

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