Episode #13 - "Blood On My Knife"

Million Dollaz Worth Of Game

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Episode #13 - "Blood On My Knife"

On today’s Episode Gillie and Wallo speak on street violence in wake of Philadelphia’s alarming Homicide rate for 2019 (4:31).

Million Dollars Worth Of Game: Is he Bi-Sexual? (18:48)

Stories from a Cell: Blood On My Knife (26:11)

The Legend Of Snowball (28:48)

Who would you be? “Hypothetical Cheating Scenarios” (30:22)

Danger With Dev: Butt-naked & Armed (40:00)

Married or Pregnant? (43:25)

Music business: Ways to make money in the industry without being an artist (51:13)

Song of The Week:

Mir Fontane featuring Shawn Smith

“Michael Jackson”

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