Wondery Presents: The Moment

Reality Life with Kate Casey

By Kate Casey

Wondery Presents: The Moment

Tuesday, 9 July

The early days of a relationship are exciting and more than a little nervous-making. But if all goes well, you meet someone you like, then fall in love...and marriage often follows. 

THE MOMENT is an ongoing series where people share what it was like in those crazy moments early in a relationship and beyond. Our host will explore the romance and absurdity of our life’s most important moments. 

With a mixture of interviews and comic insight, our host will talk with couples and individuals about some of the most ridiculous and stressful and hopeful and beautiful moments they went through leading up to the big day of the wedding. The meet-cutes, the big romantic proposal that goes wrong, the family squabbles, the financial stress of a wedding, the seating arrangements. We will speak to people with fascinating and surprising stories about.

And when they get there, it’s not always all it’s cracked up to be. 

Each episode will focus on one moment in the arc of an early relationship, told through one crazy story that dives deep into that topic.

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