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Poppy Jamie: How to chill the F out In 7 days

Poppy Jamie: How to chill the F out In 7 days


In Nicola’s first EVER episode she chats to the brilliant and insightful Poppy Jamie - TV presenter turned entrepreneur and founder of the Happy Not Perfect app which is all about looking after your mental wellbeing (basically a daily mind gym and super easy to use).

Tedx speaker and one of Forbes’ 30 under 30 (in 2017), happiness and mental health champion Poppy tells Nicola about suffering from burnout herself, how she lowers her cortisol levels through ‘belly breathing’ AND why she has created 3 minute meditations with names like ‘how to chill the fuck out in seven days’. Nicola also asks the million dollar question… what is happiness and how do we truly achieve it?

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Read more about when Nicola met Poppy (and find out what Poppy’s NO BS Wellbeing Toolkit is by checking out the NEOM Wellbeing Blog )

And thank you for listening!

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