S2 E36 - You Don’t Want A Smelly Egg

S2 E36 - You Don’t Want A Smelly Egg


Love Island: The Morning After

Monday, 15 July

That party was all fun and games until Belle and Anton started arguing, then Caroline turned up, and now someone's going to get dumped... actually - it wasn't that fun after all, was it?

Arielle and Kem are here to start your week off right with a proper debrief after last night's wild episode.

There was snogging, there was marrying and there was a whole load of PIE. It looks like Anton's Mum might need to pick up the razor again, because things are not looking to rosy between him and Belle.

The tension is high as we wait for tonight's episode. We know they're going to be split up but will we be saying goodbye to Joanna or Michael? Make sure you're watching to find out and we'll be here tomorrow morning for all the post-show reaction.

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