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S2 Ep3: Feuerzauber: Lufthansa Hijack, Part 1

S2 Ep3: Feuerzauber: Lufthansa Hijack, Part 1

By Audioboom Studios

A post-vacation flight turned into a waking nightmare after 4 hijackers took over Lufthansa Flight 181. Germany's brand-new elite force, the GSG-9, was set to step in, but were too green to be ready; and so they asked for help from the seasoned British Special Air Service.  Having never even met, the two Spec Ops teams had to work together to figure out how to storm an airplane that was being taken all over Europe and the Middle East.

This episode is sponsored by:
Duke Cannon (Code: COVERT)
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Covert's theme is "Anxiety" by Kai Engel. Music in this episode is "Forlat", "Somnolence", "Scenery", "Comatose", "Cutting to the Chase", "aspirato," "Aveu," "Mare," and "Nothing (Bonus Track)" by Kai Engel; "Guldhelden Eftermiddag" by Ars Sonor; "Clouds" by Sergey Cheremisinov;  and "Thin Line" and "First Rays" by Jahzzar.

Sound effects from by unchaz, DBKEEBLER, burnsie289, harrybates01, drotzruhn, pfranzen, nothayama, ximian, nebyoolae, lancelottjones, floriangeyer, mwilkinsss, lawnjelly, Eelke, bewagne, and laurenmg95. Additional sound effects from Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License 
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