S2 E38 - Marmalade Crumpet (with Tom Grennan, Danny and Jourdan)

S2 E38 - Marmalade Crumpet (with Tom Grennan, Danny and Jourdan)


Love Island: The Morning After

Wednesday, 17 July

Were we watching Love Island or Crufts last night?

We are buzzing in the studio this morning as Kem and Arielle have packed the guests in (there was so many we had to get extra chairs) We've got Tom Grennan with us and then we're joined by not one, but two ex-Islanders - it's Danny and Jourdan!

Harley, India and Greg have landed and they've taken some of our Islanders on dates. Could there be some new couples on the horizon? Or will our unlucky-in-love singletons be taking a one-way trip to pie-town?

The Hideaway was open - but for some reason Jordan and Anna insisted on cleaning when they were in there! They loved that feather duster...

We have some very exciting news - The Morning After will be recording a LIVE episode from Love Island, The Experience on Brighton Beach on Monday 22nd July. Go to loveislandtheexperience.com and enter the code PODCAST for 2 for 1 tickets.

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