S2 E39 - It’s Not Ovie Yet (with RAYE)

S2 E39 - It’s Not Ovie Yet (with RAYE)


Love Island: The Morning After

Thursday, 18 July

We're going to have to put Michael's neck in a brace to stop his head from spinning at this rate…

Superstar RAYE is in the studio with Kem and Arielle today to discuss all of last night's Love Island action.

Our new Islanders went on romantic breakfast dates and started to make an impact in the villa. Chris and Ovie both have their eyes on India, Greg and Amber have hit if off, Harley chose to take Michael on a date but he's too busy re-catching feels for Amber. It's going to get messy.

We have another exciting update from our Crush Club - if you want to get involved then email us on themorningafter@itv.com and we could be your very own cupid and ask your crush out here on the podcast.

Looks like our man Ovie is going to get a smooch on tonight's episode (we're all very jealous tbh) so catch the episode on ITV2 at 9pm and catch up on the ITV Hub if you've missed anything.
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