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Madeleine Shaw: Sleep

Madeleine Shaw: Sleep


In Nicola’s second episode she chats to the brilliant author and nutritional therapist Madeleine Shaw. Madeleine knows everything when it comes to GOOD food but what Nicola wanted to know from Madeleine (who is a busy mum of one) was all things sleep, or should we say LACK OF IT!

Having classed herself as a ‘terrible sleeper’ in the past Madeleine finally found a number of tools that helped her achieve better quality shut eye and in this episode she shares her great sleep tips.

Nicola also gets the lo-down on where Madeleine's wellbeing journey started (ie booze and late nights were taking their toll) and her love for pillow mists, essential oils, magnesium and meditation.

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Read more about when Nicola met Madeleine (and find out what Madeleine’s NO BS Wellbeing Toolkit is) HERE

And thank you for listening!

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