S2 E42 - Lucky I'm Wearing Knickers (with Chris Hughes)

S2 E42 - Lucky I'm Wearing Knickers (with Chris Hughes)


Love Island: The Morning After

Monday, 22 July


To start off the week Kem and Chris are in the studio giving us the low-down on last night's episode.

We were sad to say goodbye to another couple last night. It's getting near the end now and no-one is safe...

Things are getting serious for the other couples in the villa - Jordan and Amber are OFFICIALLY A THING!! Chris and Kem have a little reminisce about their own villa proposals and it all gets a bit nostalgic.

Orange juice enthusiast Chris weighs in on Maura and Curtis' fruity date and the boys discuss first kisses - ooooh la la.

We'll be back tomorrow with a live episode from Brighton Beach! Make sure you're subscribed and tweet us at #LoveIslandPodcast
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