FC LIVE 2019 - How to stop burning money; efficiency & heat at home

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FC LIVE 2019 - How to stop burning money; efficiency & heat at home

Monday, 22 July

Jonny's turn for a Fully Charged Live 2019 talk.

He admits he is slightly new to this subject, as he discuss's How to stop burning money; efficiency & heat at home and not cars and EV’s.

Jonny is currently in the process of making key decisions about his property and how to make it more green and carbon neutral.

Heating and efficiency is a huge going forward at being sustainable, so this is why Jonny wanted to learn from the experts in this matter.

So with help from our panellists, Angela Terry from One Home; Tim Pollard from Pollard & Pollard and finally Karl Drage from Smart Renewable Heat, Jonny gets an education.



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