260: Discussing An Explosive New Season Of Veronica Mars

Extra Hot Great

By Tara Ariano, Sarah D. Bunting, David T. Cole

260: Discussing An Explosive New Season Of Veronica Mars

Wednesday, 24 July

Hulu dropped Veronica Mars a week sooner than anyone expected, but Kathryn VanArendonk was ready to leap into action and join us in a VERY SPOILER-FILLED discussion of Season 4! Around The Dial takes us to Frankenstein's Monster's Monster, Frankenstein on Netflix; a spoiler-free farewell to the imminently-ending Jane The Virgin; Last Chance U; and a potpourri of TV-adjacent remarks from Dave (including an update on the original book version of The Rook). Leanna cashes in her Extra Credit to get us to pick TV characters who deserve theme songs. Then Tara makes the case for One Day At A Time's "Strays" to be inducted into the Canon. Then we name the week's Winner and Loser, and kick off a new season of Game Time with Sitcom Keyword Search. Post up on the couch with Pony and listen in!


Veronica MarsFrankenstein's Monster's Monster, FrankensteinJane The VirginLast Chance UFMK Correction CornerUpdate on The Rook bookSupport for a Big Little Lies baristaExtra CreditThe Canon: One Day At A Time S01.E05: StraysWinner and Loser of the WeekGame Time: Sitcom Keyword Search


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