Why is the Sky Blue? Where do Clouds come from? Why Do Clouds Float over the Sky? How do Clouds make rain? Why is Bird Poo White?

Everything Under The Sun

By Molly Oldfield

Why is the Sky Blue? Where do Clouds come from? Why Do Clouds Float over the Sky? How do Clouds make rain? Why is Bird Poo White?

Friday, 26 July

Hello! This week we’re chatting about the sky! The sky itself and why it is blue, clouds that float through it and birds that fly through it. 

Our first question comes from Sophia she would like to know why the sky is blue? We find out all about how sunlight is filled with all the colours of the rainbow and how it moves in waves, some short and some long and how the shorter blue light gets through the blanket around earth to make the sky look blue. But did you know, scientifically the sky is actually violet! 

Next up we have three questions about things that floud throught the sky – clouds! The question come from Benjamin, Alice and Matilda, they are:

Where do clouds come from? Why do they float over the sky? How do Clouds make rain? 

To answer their questions I have Gavin Pretor Pinney who is the Founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society and has also written books about clouds too! He really knows all about them so I thought he would be perfect to answer these questions. Have a listen to find out everything about clouds.  

Our last question comes from Ned. He would like to know something about a creature that flies through the sky, what could it be? It’s about birds! Ned wants to know why bird poo is white! Find out how birds wee and poo and why it all looks white, plus find out how bird poo used to be really expensive and valuable as it made good stuff to help grow crops as well as what colour car birds are most and least likely to poop on.

Plus find out what the moon smells like and who won tickets to do family yoga underneath Museum of the Moon at the Natural History Museum this summer.

If you have a question you would like answered on the show or in the Everything Under The Sun BOOK all you have to do is ask an adult to record you asking it and ask them to send it into me at molly@everythingunderthesun.co.ukYou better hurry up if you want to be in the book as I only have space for 40 more questions! 

A huge thank you to Gavin PP for telling us all about clouds, do have a look at his Cloud Appreciation Society to find out more about clouds, to The Natural History Museum in London for tickets to family yoga at the moon and of course to Sophia, Ned, Benjamin, Matilda and Alice for this week’s lovely questions!  

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I hope you have a lovely week and do some cloud spotting under blue skies, but watch out for bird poo! 

Thank you, and GOODBYE! X

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