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18. Body confidence, nudity and self-tanning with Jules Von Hep

18. Body confidence, nudity and self-tanning with Jules Von Hep

By Helen Thorn

This week we chat with tanner to the stars and all 'round delight, it is of course the marvellous Jules Von Hep! He is a podcaster, one half of Jules and Sarah and the man behind the brand Isle of Paradise. We chat naked bodies, how to get the perfect self-tan and why we all apologise when we have our clothes off. He shares his body journey and tells us what he has learnt about body confidence. This man is sunshine in human form.

Jules and his wonderful products can be found on and on insta on @julesvonhep. Listen to his brilliant podcasts Jules and Sarah and Wobble!

Fat Lot of Good is presented by Helen Thorn and produced by Emma Corsham. The theme tune was composed by John Thorn with jingles by Simon Toner. 

Helen is on Instagram @helenwearsasize18 and Twitter @helen_thorn.

You can find producer Emma @produceremma on Twitter and @misscorsham on Instagram

This podcast is sponsored by the fabulous F and F Clothing. F and F make clothing for women which will make you feel gorgeous and won't break the bank. This week we feature their sustainable denim! Their denim jeans are produced using less water, less energy and less chemicals, all of which is better for the environment. manufacturing is reducing water and energy consumption and they are eliminating damage and contamination to the environment. And they look amazing! Follow @fandfclothing on social media for their latest looks. And go to or Tesco Extra to pick up a new outfit.

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