Episode #16 - #ShelfLife

Million Dollaz Worth Of Game

By Barstool Sports

Episode #16 - #ShelfLife

On today’s Episode Gillie confronts Wallo about his lengthy Bathroom Breaks after Tudie overhears him exercising his Toilet Tugging Techniques (5:45).

“Where Ya @ss was At?” (10:39)

R.N.A. & The Illusion of the Street Game (15:29)

Cakes on the Lizzine (24:25)

Shelf Life (33:21)

Ex-Sheet Nxgga: Dev speaks on maneuvering about as an unarmed & rehabilitated Boy Of The Night (40:00).

Should HipHop have Sub-Genres (43:20)?

Stories From A Cell: Flash Gordon (48:45)

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